Create and deploy digital services. Turn great customer experiences into new revenue streams.
Sell more with contextual commerce

Driven by microservices to support the definition and launch of any type of offer​ in just minutes, with the openness and collaboration to any 3rd party offering. Designed to meet and exceed the expectations of the digital consumer.

Deliver intuitive care across the user lifecycle

Address individual users "in the moment" needs by providing proactive, personalized and frictionless customer care in their channel of choice. Empower digital user relationships to succeed in the internet economy.

Digitalize channel engagements

Design-driven user experiences to empower consumers and agents with a 360-degree interactive view, resulting in optimized ordering, commerce and care engagements across all digital and physical touchpoints

Rapidly create innovative offers & bundles

Expand your portfolio of offers to include new rich digital services, both your own and from partners. Easily create new bundles and offers and release them to market with a fast time to market, leveraging microservices and a cloud-native approach.

Capture revenues with flexible payment & billing

Launch new and exciting offers, yours and with partners, in minutes to support and monetize the explosion of your subscriber base in the new connected economy. Providing your customers easy and flexible billing and payment options.

In today’s saturated market, it’s hard to acquire new customers. Speed and agility are vital to bring to market innovative new services that bolster customer loyalty. With 5G around the corner to further speed the digital world, being able to tap into the revenue opportunities made possible by digital -- for both today and tomorrow – has become the strategic imperative for growth. So, what’s holding you back? It’s all within reach:

  • Improving customer experience and increasing loyalty: deliver friction-free and intuitive customer care as well as seamless, omni-channel customer journey management
  • Growing revenues with new opportunities: seize real-time, personalized, contextual commerce opportunities and enrich user lifestyles with next-generation digital services
  • Achieving business agility and drive a faster time to market: adopt an open, cloud-native, microservices approach that accelerates time to market and delivers true business agility to match the pace of digital

With our extensive experience in driving digital transformations at the world’s leading communications and media providers, we can help you expand your digital arsenal, enabling you to deepen your customer relationships and stay ahead of the competition, today and tomorrow.

A1's Digital Modernization Journey

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Recognized Amdocs as the global leader in the overall market for the 11th consecutive year, with an estimated market share of 23%

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Amdocs Digital Enablement Platform: DigitalONE

Cloud-native and microservices based, covering the full lifecycle of care and commerce processes to enable business agility and a faster time to market

Amdocs Digital Identity

Based on the acquisition of UXP Systems, Amdocs’ User Lifecycle Management platform empowers digital user relationships to succeed in the internet economy

Amdocs Digital Monetization

Market-leading solutions for monetizing service provider offerings, ensuring their success in transforming to a digital service provider

Amdocs Intelligence Platform

Leverage artificial intelligence to make a meaningful, quantifiable, and differentiating impact