Are you maximizing your tech investments to exploit the next generation of business opportunities?
Experience Design and Development

Focus on customers from design to development with a wide area of experience design practices

Intelligent Operations

100% service availability. Automatically resolve 30%+ issues and shorten time to resolve of others

Application Enhancement and Modernization

Continuously enhance your applications with 30% faster time to market while reducing operational risks

Business Assurance and Cyber Security

Improve business assurance, recover up to 40% of lost revenue and keep up with the threat landscape

Cloud Enablement

Increase business agility and flexibility with rapid implementation of new cloud services

Data & Analytics

Improve data quality by 85%, gain customer insights, and increase data-driven decision making

Operational & AI-led automation packages

Automate up to 95% of operational processes and improve customer experience by up to 30%

Using new technologies such as AI and machine learning to help automate your business is just the first step. The journey to deliver truly intelligent operations is an intricate process that spans far beyond specific technology, and into people and processes.

Injecting intelligence and automation into your entire operations has the potential to impact your business well beyond the CIO office, and can accelerate innovation, agility, and efficiency. Proper integration of intelligence in your operations can provide value far beyond the traditional chatbot example, like:

  • 360-degree smart monitoring across the business, network, IT & infrastructure to remedy issues before they impact customer satisfaction
  • Seamless operations and operational efficiencies made possible only through AI-driven automation
  • Increased business agility through continuous, business value focused application enhancements and modernization
  • Machine learning-based operational risk services that ensure faster, more accurate prevention, detection, and resolution of security based issues

To smartly upgrade your business, improve the customer experience while generating new business opportunities, and operate leaner and more efficiently, start with the right partner. A partner who can couple the best of breed technology capabilities with a deeper understanding of business processes and needs; based on 35 years of communication and media experience.

Managing a Bi-Modal Approach

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Rogers needed an implementation whose impact on the BI landscape, including the upstream and downstream systems, would be minimal

Managing Future Operational Risks

New opportunities bring new risks. See how service providers can grow faster and more safely with minimal risk.

Reduce Operational Risks

Watch as revenue assurance and fraud management personnel quickly stop revenue leakage and a fraud attempt