From OTT services to content licensing, deploy innovation at the heart of your business and stand out in the crowded media market.
Enrich your libraries with licensed premium content and create additional revenue streams

With Vubiquity, An Amdocs Company, choose from 150k+ media assets, ensure rapid time-to-market, and create vital content partnerships.

Securely process & distribute premium content

Deliver content anywhere and reduce content processing costs by up to 40%

Accelerate value from the partner ecosystem

Set up, package and commercialize the a rich set of partners pre-integrated and ready to deploy

Drive consumer IoT, eSIM and smart home

Expand services in the hyper-connected world

Optimize data to sell personalized offerings & ads

Targeting to improve user experiences and drive higher ARPU

More than ever, it’s vital for brands to be more than just connectivity providers as traditional revenue channels become saturated.

  • Critical acquisitions like AT&T’s purchase of Time Warner highlight how entertainment and OTT offerings are key ways to enrich and enable a customer’s digital lifestyle.
  • According to Ovum, growth over the next five years will be driven by machine-to-machine (M2M), OTT video, and mobile data subscriptions.
  • As we move to a wireless-first world, we’ll see new entertainment, ad-related and retail options that media and communications providers are well-positioned to monetize.

Communications and media providers must act quickly to make take advantage of these new opportunities.

  • Partnering with a strong premium content provider ensures rapid time to market with a high performance offering and winning commercial terms.
  • A broad partner ecosystem, when acquisitions are not a possibility or favorable, is an essential requirement for content, IoT and OTT services.
  • Data and smart analytics to help target, accurately and in real time, any type of content, will be key to healthy growth.

With relationships across over 630 content creators, 1,075 distributors and 350 communications and media providers worldwide, we touch billions of digital lifestyles daily. Let’s make the future a reality, together.


For more information on premium content offerings please visit Vubiquity, an Amdocs Company.

Amdocs Acquires Vubiquity

Acquisition delivers enhanced digital content capabilities for network operators, video distributors, OTT companies, and content owners & producers.

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