Research: Are spatial computing and AI about to change the way we watch sports?

Research: Are spatial computing and AI about to change the way we watch sports?

Here’s a look at how consumers plan to watch the Super Bowl and other sporting events this year, and the new frontiers they’d be willing to explore to enhance their experience. Spoiler alert: Apple and Meta may have something to do with it.

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Michael Zema, Corporate Communications


30 Jan 2024

Research: Are spatial computing and AI about to change the way we watch sports?

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Are you ready for the Super Bowl, or perhaps another major sporting event this year? What about viewing it as a more active experience instead of sitting on the couch?

According to a recent study by Amdocs, 82% of Americans said they expect to watch the Super Bowl this year. But with the advent of AI, mixed reality, and streaming, the game-day experience may soon be poised to undergo a transformation.

By examining the latest trends and technologies, we aim to provide insights into the future of sports entertainment. Join us as we explore the exciting possibilities.

Findings include:

This year, more consumers are streaming the Big Game than ever before
We found a 36% increase YoY in viewers who are planning to stream the Super Bowl. While most plan to watch through their cable provider (36%), this percentage dropped compared to last year when 49% said they’d watch this way.

"Consumer interest is growing in transformative experiences fueled by the likes of spatial reality and GenAI. The lack of network readiness could hinder access to novel experiences, potentially stalling the evolution of the entertainment landscape."

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Gil Rosen, CMO, Amdocs

Consumers are also looking for new and innovative ways to experience the game
35% of viewers are interested in a VR/MR / spatial computing experience that enables them to watch the Big Game as if they were there Millennials were the most interested (45%), followed by Gen Z (40%), with Baby Boomers being the least interested (19%).

Could sports be a catalyst for spatial computing adoption?
Almost half (46%) of all respondents said that enhanced sports viewing would make them more likely to get a Meta Quest 3 or Apple Vision Pro. This percentage was highest among Millennials (60%), followed by Gen Z (55%) and Gen X (51%).

"There is an opportunity for communication and media providers to reimagine their services, leveraging ecosystems featuring GenAI, mixed reality, and other immersive experiences."

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Raman Abrol, CEO of Vubiquity, an Amdocs Company

New, AI-enhanced personalized experiences have consumers intrigued
41% of Gen Z viewers expressed interest in interactive commentary during sporting events that offer personalized insights based on specific preferences. About one-third (32%) also showed curiosity in personalized social media feeds based on areas of interest.

Live sports are becoming increasingly important to the streaming landscape
64% of consumers said the availability of live sports is an important factor when it comes to selecting a streaming provider.

Event-specific packages from service providers could be an opportunity to explore
Half (48%) of consumers would be interested if their internet provider offered a Super Bowl or major sporting package for a one-time fee that would offer advanced viewing options like trivia, mixed reality or exclusive footage.

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